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A vibrating screen export to Brazil

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This is my first business. The process from production to delivery goes smoothly. However there is also a little episode.
We keep in touch through email. At first, I asked him what material to be sieved and the particle size of the material. He said sieved the
 stainless steel shot and provided the mesh apertures were 400 mesh and 400 mesh.
Then we produced the machine according to the size.
Later, the customer comes to visit our factory. After tested the machine, he said the mesh apertures are not correct. 
Due to he was not very clear to the particle size of the sieved material either.
So he back and confirmed the correct mesh apertures with Brazil factory, then he sent email to me 100 mesh and 200 mesh. 

Finally, we changed the machine’s mesh aperture. It indicated that the exact particles size to choose a correct machine is very important.
The customer supply the capacity is 700 kg/month. Our diameter 600mm machine can meet his needs. So we select machine details:
1. diameter 600mm
2. Two layers
3. Mesh Apertures:100 mesh and 200 mesh
4. Motor: 0.55KW
5. Packing : plywood cases

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